Ewing has been one of the Czech Republic’s most successful independent consultancies for over 25 years.

practice groups.

We resolve issues and often respond to the most challenging and daring requests with the aim to shape reputation, drive credibility, and earn your stakeholders’ trust.


We’re the market leader in providing advisory driven communications in 6 key industry groups and 2 practice groups. The directors of these groups are some of the most experienced and senior communications experts in the Czech Republic.


naše práce.

We love the work we do and are proud of what we’ve done on behalf our clients. Please take a look at our case studies and our portfolio website and get a better idea of the kind of work we deliver.

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These beautiful flowers were donated by Ewing Public Relations to residents of a home for seniors in Prague-Vysočany to bring them a bit of joy during these difficult times. We also sent flowers to the ...

Do you know what a particle filter, a REAKTOR P3 R filter, or a CM-6 protective mask look like? We didn’t either before working with AVEC CHEM. This Czech company has a long tradition of developing and ...